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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

About Homebrewing for Kunckleheads

Homebrewing for Knuckleheads is my first blog. I am a novice homebrewer, and as I write this I have brewed under 10 beers and mostly extract beer kits you find at your local homebrew shop. I was inspired to write Homebrewing for Knuckleheads after listening BrewSmith podcast episode 2, "Beer Bloggers and 365 Beers". If you are interested in homebrewing I highly recommend this podcast.

The purpose of Homebrewing for Knuckleheads is to provide you with a learning experience through the eyes of a novice homebrewer. I want to share with you my experiences as a homebrewer, my mistakes as well as my successes so that you can learn, along with me, what it takes to make really good beer. And hopefully I will do just that. That is the point of homebrewing, isn't it? 

My lawyer suggested that I add a disclaimer regarding the title of this blog. "Homebrewing for Knuckleheads" is not meant to insinuate that you, the reader, are a knucklehead. Knucklehead as defined by Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary "a stupid person: dummy". Though you may be a knucklehead for reading this blog, knucklehead refers to the author and his complete lack of knowledge of homebrewing.

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